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Thread: Alternative Tempura Recipe?

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    Alternative Tempura Recipe?

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    I was just thinking it could be fun to do a tempura like recipe, but replacing the flour in tempura with almond or coconut flour. Has anyone tried it?

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    i haven't, but i imagine the texture would be significantly different. if you don't mind cheat a little on something gluten free, maybe try a mixture of white rice flour and maybe a little potato starch? it would produce a much lighter texture than coconut or nut flours.

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    YES! THIS! it would be a perfect tempura!

    garbanzo battered and fried cauliflower with romesco Eat the cookie!

    i made battered cauliflower last night with garbanzo flour and it was AMAZING. i realize it is not as primal as almond or coconut, but it is way lower carb than rice. i look at bean flour as one of those "every so often" things. i think dipping battered & fried veggies and meats into a sesame chili sauce would be incredible!

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