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Thread: Primal Journal - Seaglassgreen

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    Hey Seaglass!

    Sorry you are back up to 179. Have you gone down since your last post? It sounds like you have been eating pretty good food (with some notable exceptions ) and are getting a good variety of food too.

    I was gone for a while, but now I am back. I had a few mishaps, but I am recommitted and refocused on losing this dang weight.

    I just bought the 21-day challenge book (because my mom borrowed my full Primal Blueprint book) and I was thinking of starting the 21-day challenge on Monday. Want to join me?

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    Hard to believe I haven't posted here since October! I guess I was posting a lot over on the Whole9 forums. Not much to report except for I'm STILL having a hard time committing, bouncing on and off of the wagon, but now I weigh more than I have in forever. Last week I weighed 207. Shocking and horrific. But still not enough to get me seriously on-plan! I've been focusing on making some better choices, and I think have managed to do a bit better in the past week or so. Rereading The Primal Blueprint now, hoping for inspiration/motivation to finally stick. Got a new app to track goals, and a Nike Fuel Band, so here's to hoping the combination of motivators will work

    Goal: Feel good, be active!

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