I'm making this journal to hopefully hold myself accountable for making good choices I'm 23, and I've been heavy- probably obese- all of my life. I've had success with the South Beach diet before.. Losing about 20 pounds at two different times, and gaining it back in between. I've also tried calorie counting with no real results. When allowed to eat whatever I want, I can gain weight like nobody's business! I've been working on following the primal blueprint for about a month, with some cheating.. Too many beers, and some nonprimal choices during spring break. I did lose 7 lbs in the last month, and I definitely am seeing a difference in my attitude (more positive, less anxious), and in my energy levels! My boyfriend is on board now too (he's thin, but will definitely muscle up well, as a recent ex-vegetarian). I'd like my family to join me (they are all overweight as well)... I'm hoping that if I have the success I'm envisioning by living this way, they will be inspired to join in.
Starting weight: 203 (February 23). Current weight: 195-ish, size 14-16. Goal: I want to see some abs!! (I never have envisioned myself getting leaner than like a size 8 before.. I am so inspired by the successes in these forums!