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Thread: Is Yucca skin safe to eat ?

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    Is Yucca skin safe to eat ?

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    I bought today a big Yucca root. From what I've read it is cooked in a way similar to how the potatoe is cooked.

    I was wondering if the skin was safe to eat ? Most of the recipes I saw online involve peeling the Yucca root before cooking it.

    My root has wax covering it, so I may just peel it anyways because of this but I am curious.


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    I'd assume it's like most root vegetable peels - you CAN eat them, but peeling is a good idea due to anti-nutrients being in the skin. So I guess it's a matter of can vs. should.
    I'd definitely skip eating the skin off of yours because of the wax, though.

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    Yes, you can eat it. I like to peel it though.

    I made shampoo from yucca a while ago and it is my new favorite thing! Ancient Embrace: Yucca Shampoo

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