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Thread: Chicken Liver Recipes

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    Cool Chicken Liver Recipes

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    I just picked up some chicken liver & I've never tried it. Any recipe suggestions?
    -Connoisseur Guy

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    Back PP (pre-Primal) I would flour them and fry,,,,, love them and gizzards that way. I think I will try them with arrow root flour next time I have some see if it’s as good as traditional flour. Anyhow, other things you could do with them, is sauté in a little EVOO and onions, throw them on the grill, put them in a stew or soup, bake them and sprinkle in a salad.

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    A friend of mine did them like this (all in one pan):
    Pan fry livers, about 2-3 minutes on each side
    Remove livers from pan and set aside
    Soften some chopped onions in the pan
    Add some chicken stock, adjust flame so that it is just simmering
    Add the livers back in
    Continue simmering about 10? minutes, then remove the livers again
    Bring heat up, reduce stock until desired thickness is reached, then turn heat off, and throw a knob of butter in
    Stir rapidly until butter is incorporated into the sauce, and serve over the livers.

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    There is a julia childs recipe on here somewhere, that someone posted a few months ago, that I've been meaning to try...

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    I'm very simple-minded; I just fry them in olive oil with onions and a bit of salt/pepper. Takes about 15 minutes - most of my cooking does.

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    I fry with a little sausage then cover in a spicy Arrabbiata sauce

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    I used to get them from the street vendors in Taiwan, just grilled on a stick like a kabob, then seasoned. Chicken hearts are good that way too.

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    I fry some onions, then do a combination of frying/braising the livers, just add some salt... I may be a weirdo in this, but I love the taste of chicken livers, so cooking them very simply works well for me.

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