After much procrastination and jealous journal-stalking (as well as encouragement - thanks Coconut Girl!) I have finally taken the leap and started a journal. Mind you, I am horrendous at keeping up with these things, so hopefully this will help (Actually I'm a total attention whore and just want people to follow my uneventful college life haha)

Anyways, my background is kinda sappy so I'll give an abridged rundown: relatively normal childhood, stable family environment, etc. Was in an abusive relationship my junior year of high school that left me pretty messed up, but I rebounded well (or so I thought). Summer before coming to college, started micromanaging food and exercising excessively and ended up dropping 30 lbs (going from around 110 to 80, which for being around 5 feet tall is a big deal) over the course of a few months.That was a year and a half ago. Since then, I've gained most of it back, though according to the numbers I'm still a bit underweight at around 96/97 lbs, but my body fat is back above 12% (I used to be 9%) and I'm feeling strong, hoping Primal will help me continue to feel that way. My main sport is rock climbing, but I'm a huge outdoors person in general and now a recent Primal convert (since mid-January)

My younger brother, a huge carnivore, has recently re-accepted me as his sister now that I have reincorporated the 3 B's as he calls them: beef, bacon, and butter lol (I used to be a fatphobic vegetarian); though now he threatens to disown me again since I don't eat bread haha.

Current "Stats":
19 (20 in exactly two weeks!!), sophomore Meteorology major, Natural Resources minor at Rutgers University (NJ), about 85-90% primal (though I need to control my nut consumption lol)

Alright, that was the boring stuff, let the frolicking begin!