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Thread: **Minneapolis/St. Paul Primal/Paleo dinner***

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    Hi Maddie -

    Do you guys still have a Mpls/STP meetup covering food and just general community for primal/paleo? My Fiance and I have been primal for about 6 months now but would love some new ideas and to meet fellow primal people.


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    As far as I know, we just have the Natural Movement Meetup. However, I've wanted to get some primal community going, too. Just for friends and hangouts and whatever. I'm sure we can get one going again. Maybe we can meet up sometime soon and repost on here to get the initial meeting going. I work at Kitchen Window (retail) so I can't make definite plans more than about a week in advance (until after the holidays), but let's see what we can work out. Also feel free to swing by the store (it's in Calhoun Square) and say hi.

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    Paleolithic / primal diet lifestyle is one of the main focuses.


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