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Thread: IHOP Eggs and Celiacs

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    Rule of thumb: if a restaurant chain is publicly traded, don't eat there (I'm sure there must be an exception, but as a general rule, avoid). IHOP is merely McD with waitstaff. I'm also appalled that scrambled eggs are adulterated like that. Even if you get the fried eggs, I wonder what they're fried in. Probably the cheapest thing possible (can you spell c-o-r-n?).

    I just checked out the prices since I haven't eaten there in maybe 15 years. Looks like for the price of an omelette, you could buy two dozen eggs from chickens that get to run around and eat bugs, etc. Five dozen CAFO eggs, which is what they're serving anyway.
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    I think it's sad that you have to ask for something like eggs to be just...eggs.
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