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Thread: For All the Non-Runners

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    For All the Non-Runners

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    Check out my new article on beginning running. It might make you think about giving running a shot.
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    I've been thinking about taking up running again. I need to be more active, and I miss running.

    Thank you for this article.

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    Gods of Bacon bless you, sir. This is very timely for me, as I'm looking to be able to hammer out 6km without issue by early May. Cheers!
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    I hate you Al.

    But seriously, I want to give running a shot (real running, not just sprints) but as a power athlete it has always been slow going to get the lungs for it. I started a bit towards the end of the nice season last year, and once the ice flows finally dry up on the streets (hopefully next week) I'll be able to get out again.
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    I'm not a huge fan of running after doing a couple half-marathons, but I believe it's because I didn't like the scheduled training. (I don't like people telling me what to do, even if it's me ) BUT I did get huge benefits from walk/run intervals. I have some early stages of arthritis in my hips and there is such a difference when I change my pace throughout the run. I did a St. Patty's Day dash and I actually enjoyed it! We ran the whole thing, but it was pretty refreshing to be out there again.
    Thank you for encouraging folks to not discount running as an option for some exercise ~ outside is the best. My Dad asked me why I don't go to church anymore - "I'm at church everytime I step outside, Dad!"

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    I'd rather row or bike or step mill a thousand meters than run 10. Seriously... it's the same thing with swimming... I feel all ungainly and stuff... totally uncoordinated and like my arms and legs are in lead.

    So, more power to all of your bad selves Go run a mile for me and I'll row, step or bike one for you

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    I recently started running for a number of reasons. I'm on hiatus from sprints due to a slight hamstring pull, I'm doing Warrior Dash soon, and occasional running in moderate amounts isn't as bad for you as I once thought it was (chronic cardio and what not). Currently I enjoy the first 1.5-2 miles, then I feel like walking at least for a little while.

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    wow, what a coincidence.i just tried my first mile thismorning, i'll definitely check this out
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    I love the freedom of running - moving fast, you can do it anywhere, etc.
    But it makes me feel old because it hurts my knees
    And I don't like to feel old - so I avoid it (for now) at all costs.

    I do agree with your post though, you need to be in shape to run.

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    Nice article. I use the Couch-to-5K program because it gives me a little more structure; for me having an ever-increasing goal for the run "as long as I can" part each week helps to push me past where I thought I could run.

    I've tried C25K I think 3 times now. One time I just fizzled out; the other two times I was stopped by completely unrelated serious injuries. I'm just getting back into running 4 months after that most recent injury and it's very slow going this time because not only am I rebuilding my lung capacity, I'm also still dealing with lingering pain in my injured ankle.

    In fact, I'm sitting here in my running clothes deciding whether I'm brave enough to go outside in rain and 25+ MPH winds. Sunny California, my ass! We've had rain the last couple weeks but every day has had at least some dry time ... I'm hoping I can find a window today.
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