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Thread: Autoimmune disease? This is my experiment...

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    Congrats! Do send your story to Mark for the blog, if you haven't already...

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    Sunlight one of the worst triggers for LUPUS

    Hi there, new here and this caught my eye...I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1990..... and Sunlight, ultra violet light actually triggers lupus ...the sun on the skin is what starts ANA production with causes the body to go into overdrive...the problem with lupus is that the bodies defense mechanisms go into over drive with certain triggers and sunlight is one of them... Getting Vitamin D from a pill is a good way to get it or wear a 50-70 sun screen...

    I was finally diagnosed after we had a pool put in ...because I was outside in the sun for hours... prior to that I had moderate sun exposure but it wasn't enough for my blood test to come back positive.

    hope this help!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post

    You are severely Vitamin D3 deficient. Lupus and other autoimmune diseases are caused by Vitamin D3 deficiency. You need to take 10,000 IU Daily of Vitamin D3 Geltabs.

    See my Vitamin D3 Report below for details.


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    Paleoforlupus, I'm new to Marks Daily Apple and I read through this thread because I recently started this diet for lupus-relief. Are you still on the diet?? How has your progress been? How are you feeling now, a year after you started the diet?

    I have SLE and being on this diet for 2 weeks has given me significant improvement. It would great to hear from you!

    Yvonne L

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marymk View Post
    I posted a link last night, check it out. It was a video I found on Youtube that reviews a study done by a French Dr. using the Paleo diet to treat auto-immune disorders. Lupus was one of the ones mentioned, with a 100% success rate if I am not mistaken. It seems that diet is the best anti-inflammatory medicine you can take!
    Do you have the url of the youtube video?

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