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Thread: Larabar.. Paleo/Primal, or too many Carbs?

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    Larabar.. Paleo/Primal, or too many Carbs?

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    So looking for some thoughts on this product... Im sure it should be eaten in moderation of course, but maybe something to help satisfy? LÄRABAR | Simple. Pure. Delightful.

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    they are very high in sugar and carbs, most of us use them as pre or post workout carbs, or if you are an endurance athlete, use them instead of gu's and gels. Otherwise, pass them up if weight loss or fat loss is a goal for you.

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    I have been eating them a lot lately. I have been Primal for 4 months, and this is the 1st month I have added them. I have to admit that they are addicting, but I am not particularly low carb either, and have reached my weight loss goal. I eat a lot of fruit. My opinion is that they have all whole food ingredients, and no's about as close as you can get to a whole a processed product. Love the apple pie and banana bread ones!

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    I eat them as emergency food. If I'm out and about and need to eat but can't get to something more suitable. I often don't eat lunch on those days so I'll eat one and a handful of nuts to keep me going til dinner. I'll also sometimes make my own Lara type bars (more like balls) with dates and blanched almonds but I'll throw in some butter as well, sometimes dried coconut flakes.

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    I used to keep them in case of low blood sugar (diabetic) but I found that I couldn't eat just half of one, which was more than needed to bring up my blood sugar. So now I just have a little tub of medjool dates for that purpose. Much easier to eat one date, which is also more than enough to cover my low blood sugar. Not as fun as a candy bar, but still as tasty. I don't think anyone needs them, but they aren't the worst thing we could eat
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    They're easy travel food for me, and were even before I went primal because they're gluten-free and not full of weird, unpronounceable stuff. They are fairly carby, but that makes them useful for things like long mountain hikes. I like the coconut varieties (either the plain coconut or the chocolate one).
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    Total sugar rush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuH2Ogirl View Post
    Total sugar rush.
    ^this. I had two bites of one and it was way too sweet.

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    I make my own version of a "larabar" with figs, almonds, coconut oil and unsweetened coconut. Pulse in a food processor, press into a dish, chill, slice into bars and wrap individually. As a bonus my kids love them too!

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    I love the cherry pie ones.

    There is a post on the blog about mybar and other recommended bar recipies.
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