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    Cheat days/meals

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    How often do you cheat? For me a cheat day/meal every couple weeks really helps me stay on track but how often is too often?

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    I never, ever cheat. Cookies just happen to be a very infrequent part of my diet.
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    I dont cheat

    I have planned indulgences and/or "the best but not perfect choice"

    I'm on a ski trip this weekend. I had beer on the mountain. That isnt cheating, that is a requirement.
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    I have cheesecake when I feel like it (once or twice a month at most). I'm not really a fan of the way I feel after other types of cheat meals (i.e. sandwiches, wraps, pasta dishes, etc.), so I've learned to avoid them. The last time I had a sandwich, it didn't taste anywhere near as good as I'd hoped, and I really didn't enjoy eating it. Definitely wasn't worth the sluggish feeling afterward!

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    I personally don't do the "planned cheat" thing - but if I'm traveling or out for a special night and something is really really worth it and very special, then I might indulge. This would apply to maybe my Grandmother's very special home made carrot cake - but not regular old office donuts or happy hour junk food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beebster View Post
    How often do you cheat? For me a cheat day/meal every couple weeks really helps me stay on track but how often is too often?
    Never. And cheating is not helping you stay on track. It's derailing you every time you do it.

    Look. The things you are cheating with are NOT FOOD. They are not good for you. Why are you eating them? This is one of the few things guaranteed to get me angry - you know it's bad for you and you still do it. Why???
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    I used cheat meals to get me to the point I am at now, but not anymore.. After the last time I "sampled" at Costco, and couldn't move for the rest of the day, I will never, ever cheat with wheat. But I know not all restaurants can cook for me with butter, and there may be occasional traces of allergens in things, so I try and make THAT my 20%.

    If I need a "cheat" I make a primal goodie (although most of those still make me feel awful), or have coconut milk and berries. Rice and potatoes are also my monthly treats. Japanese food is made easy when I can have rice, and occasionally the fam makes a stew with potatoes. Considering both are technically primal though, I don't think my cheats are very similar to others...

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    the thought of eating non-primal foods makes me sick , so cheating for me involves a few too many servings of fruit , and that's very rarely .

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    I tried doing a cheat day once per week for about a month, following the 4-Hour body diet suggestion. The idea was that it would jolt the body into more fat burning. It didn't for me, but it also didn't make me gain fat either. I felt fine. Now, I just have a day or two per week that I eat more primal foods or "gray area" primal foods like milk and chocolate.

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    The whole concept of "cheating" implies that you're on a "diet" and any deviation from the diet has to be accounted for.

    I don't cheat... on special occasions I may indulge in unhealthy foods. I'm talking about a cocktail with a long-lost friend, or homemade cake at my brother's birthday party. NOT planned "cheat" meals and certainly not a whole day of disarray.

    I don't understand how this helps you to stay on track... the longer you go without eating non-primal foods the less likely you are to want them. The so-called cheat meals/days are not conducive to making primal a long term lifestyle.

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