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Thread: Recipe Bloggers: Tips for looking better in Google search results

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    Recipe Bloggers: Tips for looking better in Google search results

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    When you search Google for recipes, you might notice some of them have special formatting, where you see the images, prep time, and nutritional information right on the search page. You can read more about those rich snippets in the Google help here:
    Recipes - Webmaster Tools Help

    In order to show up with that special formatting, recipe authors need to use special HTML that provides more information to the Google search engine. Currently, it is mostly the big websites that use these special recipe formatting, so it is their recipes showing up all nicely in search results. I think that the recipe bloggers in this community make pretty awesome recipes and that the world should be excited about trying them out, so I am hoping that the recipe bloggers here will consider using the special recipe formatting on their blogs. Your recipes deserve the same pretty formatting in search results as the ones from the big sites!

    It's not that easy to manually generate the special formatting, but some tools make it easier.
    If you're a user, you can use a plugin like this one:
    hRecipe - Semantic Recipes for WordPress (Google loves these) | Website In A Weekend
    If you're a Chrome user, you can use this browser extension:

    Here's to more sharing of primal/paleo recipes!
    - pamela

    Primal & Paleo Recipes

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    Thanks Pamela. I will try the chrome one and let you know how it turns out

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