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Thread: what fats and which veg

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    Cool what fats and which veg

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    i only ever really eat protein and carb foods and want to start eating more fats and veg but dont know what to go for.

    any ideas?

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    Fats (in order of preference): Grass fed tallow, coconut milk/oil, grass fed butter (if you do dairy)

    Veggies: Just buy a new one every time you go to the store and see what you like. Not sure how to cook it? Pretty much every veggie can be fried in the above fats, roasted, or steamed.

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    I'd add in some EVOO. Walnut and macadamia nut oil are good too. For veg lots of color. No fruit?

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    what is evoo? and are the actual nuts just as good because i love macadamia nuts. and why no fruit surely a little will be good for you wont it?

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