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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal MMS131

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    Primal Challenge Journal MMS131

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    I've been reading MDA for three or four months now, trying it out to various degrees for short periods of time. I know that my current lifestyle choices are not working for my health and wellbeing; however, committing to low-carb has been very difficult for me. Although I don't really eat bread, pasta, potatoes, or rice at this point, I have a major sugar habit (cookies, cake, ICE CREAM) and also enjoy oatmeal and dairy. The problem with these foods, especially the sweets, is that I can't seem to eat them in moderation. However many times I binge and then promise myself I'll do better tomorrow, I start out ok and then am inevitably faced with sugar temptation once again. A small bowl of ice cream leads to half the carton… In addition, my mood swings are awful. I go from happy with high energy to feeling sad, tired and hopeless.

    My exercise regimen has also left much to be desired as of late. I have bounced back and forth from “chronic cardio” (5 or more hours per week, sometimes in two hour sessions) to doing little to nothing at all. Currently, I’m in a little to no exercise phase.

    My goals in starting PB are as follows:

    - Gain control of my eating habits by following the PB principles. Specifically:

    -No refined carbs/sugar

    -Lots of fresh vegetables

    -Lots of meat, fish, eggs, and healthy fats

    -IF at least once a week

    -Minimal dairy (Greek yogurt only)

    -Watch alcohol consumption

    - Focus on weight training and HIIT

    Current Stats:

    - Female

    - 25 years old

    - 5”5’

    - 130 lbs

    Goal Weight: 120 lbs

    This is my first time ever posting in a forum like this; I look forward to interacting with all of you and hopefully having great success to report in the next 30 days.

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    Hey, welcome! I wish I'd found about this way of life when I was 25! Good luck!

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    Thanks for the Hello PrimalK!

    So, yesterday went relatively well, although I didn't really eat much during the first half of the day as I wasn't feeling so good. I had a work meeting last night, so no exercise...

    10/22 Food:

    -low carb protein drink - packaged (I know this isn't exactly primal, but I didn't have a ton of options... Better than the bagel that was the alternative, I hope)

    -Spinach and feta chicken sausage, big serving of steamed broccoli

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    Yesterday didn't go too badly. A work-lunch at a nice restaurant was a bit complicated to navigate, but I think I did ok. I for sure avoided the bread basket at the talbe, which is difficult at this particular restaurant with warm, perfectly seasoned rolls. Anyway:

    10/23 food:

    -coffee, green tea

    -lobster bisque soup (I'm sure there's some heavy cream in here...)

    -cobb salad with romaine lettuce, bacon, hard boiled egg, chicken, avacado, tomatoes, and blue cheese - minimal amount of a house dressing (oil based)

    -another big salad at dinnertime with romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mushroom, feta, and a vinegarette dressing

    -4 oz of red wine

    There was a big plate of cookies at my office that was slightly hard to resist, so I tried to think through the insulin response my body would have to them. A coworker even scoffed at me when I turned one down, but thinking about the glucose to be stored in my fat cells helped me stay firm.

    I am currently cooking some chicken drenched in oil with seasonings for lunch. Definitely need to stock up on some primal foods: eggs, nitrate-free bacon, other high quality red meat with a higher fat count than the chicken.

    I'm supposed to have dinner tonight with a friend. We rotate who chooses the restaurant, and since I'm going to her part of town, it's her turn to choose. I'm a little nervous about this, but I keep telling myself that they must have some meat or fish and vegetable selections. This friend is very active and thin (maybe 105 on a "fat day") and loves to eat, so I just have to stay strong and enjoy my entree without drooling over her pasta or risotto or other yummy but not primal fare.

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