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Thread: Toned Women?

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    Toned Women?

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    Hey everyone! This is my first post. I have been lurking on the threads for a while but am in need of some inspiration!

    Can someone share their photos or point me in the direction of some women that have had excellent results from eating primal and working out? I had a baby in November, and although I am at my pre-pregnancy weight of 135 at 5'6", I am looking to develop more lean body mass and drop body fat. I don't care about my weight, I care about how my clothes feel!

    Some more info about myself would be that I have just recently discovered the primal blueprint and I have eating 100% primal for one week. I feel amazing!

    So all you toned ladies out there please help me out! Thanks so much, can't wait to get to know you all!


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    Hey there! This WOE works in different ways for different people. I can lean out if I keep my carbs and salt intake low, but my friend has to watch her calories and her carb intake meticulously otherwise she won't see any changes. Playing around with what your body responds to will be the best indicator for the path to follow. I also like to fast for 14-16 hours a day before I eat which seems to help with my digestion immensely as well as my leanness.

    Congratulations on finding this lifestyle and good luck!

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    I don't have any photos, but I can tell you that primal really works. Don't forget it isn't just about diet - it's about being active too.

    You'll maybe have some ups and downs - I have had weeks where I basically ended up eating conventionally - but the more you keep going back to better choices, the easier it gets.
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    I had a little one 19 months ago, and I think the hormones really altered my body composition. Add to that the decreased amount of time spent exercising, and my muscles really dwindled.

    Eating Primal has saved me. It removed the fat that was sitting on top of the muscles I do have, and adding strength and tone feels so much more accessible to me now. So keep on keeping on! It will work.
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    Thank you so much for your replies! And Owly, thank you for the link. I did see that but it seemed like the majority of the posters were men. Hopefully I'll have some result photos to post in the months ahead!

    ToniWA - Thanks for the information about it working differently for everyone. It's going to be a journey of finding what works for me. I am looking forward to it.

    geekgrrl - Good point about being active too! I love lifting weights so I think that will help me a lot.

    Buttercup - Glad to hear you had success after having a baby. I love being a mom, but I don't want to look like that is all I do. I want a rocking body too!

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    Go to batty's page in the journals. Batty is an AMAZING woman.

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    yeah, to be honest, how quickly you loose will be unique to you. it took me 14 months, and that's with my hard core yoga and lots of hiking (while baby wearing). and eating a healthy vegetarian diet (like, seriously -- very low bread/potatoes/etc, but lots of beans, avocados, veggies of all kinds, lots of fruits, eggs, and raw dairy). it just did.

    finally, at 14 months, my vagina was normal (that took a LOT longer than i expected. and, technically, it's still not "normal" but it's pretty good), and my body fat was closer to normal. i was a size 4/6 again, and basically normal for me.

    went primal in november (son was 27 months), and dropped down pretty quick to where i am now -- which is a size four, but baggier/comfy. jeans fit the bones (right along the hips), but the flesh is tighter/smaller. sweet.

    yeah, lost 1.5 inches off my waist, 1.5-2 off my hips; and a number off my bust too (but i don't remember the number). and still holding strong at 18% body fat and feeling/looking good.

    so, yeah. there you go. i don't have pictures yet.

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    I heard that Megan Foxx is a follower of the paleo diet. She is pretty toned and very beautiful. I'm not sure if Zuzana from is strictly paleo but a lot of her recipes seem to be pretty low carb. She has an amazing body. | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness |
    "If man made it, don't eat it" - Jack Lallane

    People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.

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    Balance - I heard that Megan Fox lived paleo too. She is amazing, wow!

    zoebird - Thanks for sharing your story! Anything like that gives me hope!

    geostump - Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check that out this morning.

    I am back to my preprego weight of 135 but as I said before I'm looking forward to some muscle definition and fat loss. Thanks again for all your input!

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