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Thread: Effects of exercise on blood pressure

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    Effects of exercise on blood pressure

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    A few weeks ago I used one of these machines that measure your blood pressure. It was normal but a little high. I had a couple of measurements over a period of 4 days (S,D,P)

    130 72, 71
    139, 86, 92

    (The last one being the pulse).

    I hadn't been doing much exercise during the winter. Yesterday I went to a dance class (Brazilian Zouk) the DJ played some African dance music had a good work out.

    Today, I went to check out my blood pressure numbers again:

    124, 77, 75

    I was surprised by how much of a difference having some exercise can have on the blood pressure. I'm back in the normal range. I had lots of soup that had garlic, oignons and salmon the week before, I don't know if it could have affected the numbers).

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    You have to take a dozen measurements a day over a period of about ten days before you can get an accurate feel for what your blood pressure is.

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