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    Question Hunger Question

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    Hi all,

    I've literally read through 50 pages of posts today, and while I've read similar topics, I could really use some reassurance.
    Basically I spend a lot of time being hungry. I started eating primally about a week ago. My fat to protein to carb eating is as recommended (I've even been hitting less than 50 or so carbs the past few days) and I eat as much as I can at each meal, but I find I get hungry very quickly afterward.
    For example, today for lunch I ate a piece of crustless spinach quiche, a large piece of grilled chicken, and about a cup of broccoli steamed and heavily buttered. Now, about an hour later, I'm leaning toward hunger again.
    Because I'm so new, I don't have many good snacks around. Generally, I have a handful of almonds a day, and a few berries. This doesn't generally satiate me for long, though.
    Any thoughts? Will this constant hunger subside as I get used to not eating grains? I do struggle to come up with snacks and meals that are high in fat, especially in a household where everything has been left to CW for so long.

    Any help or reassurance or criticism would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I think whenever you make a big diet change, the hunger isn't real's part pre-occupation with the new food routine and part body getting use to new/different fuel sources. I think you'll find that it will pass...
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    The first few weeks were tough for me also, after about 2 months I'm pretty strict and don't feel near as hungry. I'm staying low carb because I'm trying to shed fat. Hear lately I notice being a lot less hungry if I feel up on a meal of only meat (a bunch of ribs smoked and seasoned but no sauce, shrimp and deer sausage, steak, burger, whatever, eat til full). I eat meals with good veggies too because they are important but find the fat and meat meals satisfying for longer.

    If I start a fasting period, I like to make my last meal protein and fats.

    See if it has the same effect for you.

    Also doing something active when hunger hits is a good way to delay it.

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    I am a natural grazer, and I tend to need to snack a little no matter what - I always have. I have just started the PB in the last 2 weeks, and I generally still have a snack or 2 each day - I usually have berries, fresh veggies or 10-15 almonds, although I have tried jerky and small bits of leftover meat from dinner yesterday. I am snacking much less than I used to, but I am following the guidance to eat when I am hungry. I am maintaining decent carbs, generally less than 100 each day, and I am sure I am averaging 1500 to 1800 calories a day, since I lost 2 lbs last week. I agree meat snacks are harder to sort out, but if you plan ahead, you should be able to figure something out. Also, if you are not dairy free, a slice of cheese is very filling for a snack.

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