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Thread: Carbs make me sleeeeeeeepy.....

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    Question Carbs make me sleeeeeeeepy.....

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    So I've been without the grains for almost a week, fairly low carb (for the sake of this question we are pretending my grilled cheese and cookies on Sunday never happened).

    Today I said "I think I want to try fried sweet potatoes and see if they are any good". I ate my yummy sweet potato fried in coconut oil seasoned with italian seasoning and lemon pepper. And then....I got super sleepy.

    Is this normal? I went to lie down for a bit and then decided I just might need some protein and fat (The sweet potato was all I had eaten all day).
    Strict Vegetarian going primal as of 3/2011. This is a tough row to hoe!

    So far I am down:
    • 6lbs
    • 1% BMI
    • 1" in my waist
    • 2.5" at my belly button
    • 1" in my hips

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    Happens to me too.

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