I've been a carb fiend all of my life, and cycled just outside the realm of eating disorders as long as I can remember. I remember as a pre-teen fixing slice after slice of cinnamon toast and just eating and eating, and topping bowl after bowl of ice cream with whipped cream, eating in secret so I wouldn't get in trouble for finishing the can of whipped cream. I binged but never purged, then cycled just to the brink of anorexia in high school by living on diet soda and not much else.

As an adult I've struggled with my weight and gone down to as low as 125ish at age 21, up to my all-time high of close to 210lbs. On my 5'4" frame that's quite a lot of weight to be carrying around.

I've also struggled with depression, anxiety and rage for most of my adult life, turning into severe post-partum depression after the birth of each of my 2 sons. In the past year, my mental state has become debilitating. I'm not the mom I want to be, and I can no longer work to support my family.

Last year I eliminated gluten for various reasons and noticed an immediate improvement in my overall health (and shed about 10lbs), but my mental state actually became much worse in the same period. I've suffered from anxiety so bad that I haven't been able to sleep without a mild sedative in several months.

I came across MDA when a friend suggested it to someone else online. I started reading and stayed up most of the night. When I got up the next morning I gravitated toward the higher protein/fat foods in the house and avoided sugar except for a teeny bit in my coffee. Later that day I had a small soda, and that was the last bit of refined sugar I've eaten. I hit the grocery store that day and stocked up on primal foods.

Yesterday marks a week since I found MDA, and today is day 8 of eating primally. For the first 5-6 days I was in the best mood I've been in since I can remember. I was able to wean myself off of my sedative and go to sleep like a normal person. I had fun with my kids. I took them to the park and ran with them like a little kid (they can run FAST - talk about sprinting!)

Yesterday I had a really stress-filled day and was coping well until I got home and found the whole family rather grumpy. I ended the day on a bad note, and woke up grumpy today. I think I discovered the cause when I entered my food from yesterday into Fitday.com and realized I'd consumed less than 1,000 calories the entire day, and about 4g of carbs! Definitely not what I'm going for! Today I'm aiming for more like 50-100g carbs, and at LEAST 1,500 calories. Already after a big breakfast of about 1/4lb ground beef & 2 eggs cooked in a healthy heap of bacon grease I could feel my mood lifting.

I started running at the beginning of the year, barefoot because I live barefoot, and have really enjoyed it. I typically run 3-4x/week and I haven't gotten much past about 1.5mi at a time of real (slow) running. I've noticed a slight difference in my lower body shape since I started running, but definitely haven't lost any weight.

In just a week of eating primally I can feel a definite difference. My jeans have gotten a bit looser, and I think I see a little bit less flab on my belly "flap" (2 kids + nonelastic skin = big flap!) I'm excited about the changes and looking forward to even more to come.

Oh and I've managed somehow to convince DH to join me on this journey, and we're moving the kids to primal eating as well. DH is quite overweight and suffers from mood issues as well, and my kids have multiple food allergies/intolerances so I'm curious to see if eating primally helps with these issues.