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Thread: Barefootmama's primal journey to happiness

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    Your pics are incredible!

    And I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in high school. I also had cancer, so they immediately removed my whole thyroid. I've been on meds ever since, and I can tell you that's a rough path. I have so many allergies, it's crazy; that's something that doesn't go away. I had to fight for years to take a combo of Synthroid and Cytomel (T4 and T3), but that made me feel a whole lot better.

    I'm also a bellydancer, and I love it. I started about 2 1/2 years ago and I've always hated exercising, but it was something I wanted to go back to class again and again, and practice at home. Half the time the teacher will say "We're almost done, let's stretch" and I hadn't even realized an hour had passed already.

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    Hi IndigoBanshee! Love the name.

    The Hashi's is new to me, but not a complete surprise. When I look back I see so many signs that I've been hypothyroid for many years, with up & down swings that indicate the autoimmune aspect of the disease. I think I mentioned early in the thread that I'm severely gluten intolerant, which I just discovered a year ago. Primal eating really is perfect for me in so many ways and it's made my whole family healthier.

    I'm taking dessicated thyroid now but I'm still in the ramping up phase so I'm just waiting to see if some of my more bothersome symptoms ever go away. Fatigue is my biggest issue right now. I want to get moving and work out and do fun things, but I'm just too tired all the time.

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    Exercise update: nothing since last week. Got knocked down by either a med reaction or a cold, and I was miserable and lazy for a few days.

    Food update: Major carb cravings the past week. Way too many muffins, smoothies, nuts and even a few raisins. No surprise when my monthly cycle started and the cravings soon switched to red meat! I've eaten most of a pound of hamburger tonight, and steak is on the menu for breakfast tomorrow.

    I discovered that I can cook with cashew flour! I ran out of almond flour and my youngest was asking for muffins, when I realized I had a bag of cashews and a coffee grinder. Voila! Delicious muffins that have a taste and texture like peanut butter cookies. YUM.

    Weight update: My weight is stalled again. I'm annoyed but ok with it. Last month I actually went UP 5lbs when my cycle started, then about a week later that weight was gone. This month I stayed the same so maybe in a week I'll be down 5lbs. So I'm still sitting at 179-180ish.

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    I have been inspired by your pictures and thought I'd drop in on your journal. You are doing a great job, and your pictures are motivation for me. Thank you for posting them.

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    Thanks for stopping in Blue Eyed Chick - mine are blue too.

    I'm on my feet all day today, so I'm counting that as my moving slowly. hehe
    Smoothie for breakfast and leftover chicken curry for lunch. So much for my red meat craving. My steak will have to wait for dinner.

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    I've enjoyed reading your journal, very inspirational. You started at the same point I'm currently at - seeing your photos gives me hope that I actually CAN do it. Thanks.

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