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Thread: Haven't lifted a weight in two years.

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    Haven't lifted a weight in two years.

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    Last time I deployed, I lifted pretty regularly, however, this deployment I've stayed with only body weight, (pull-ups, push-ups, dips), medicine ball (wall shots, slams, and various other tosses) as well as sandbags (we've got about a million here in Afghanistan, so I swing, carry them, etc.), anyway, I was walking through the gym the other day for a bottle of water, and saw a couple of my Soldiers benching. They called me over and asked to see what I had...they had 225# on the bar, so I layed under it, told them to give me a spot, and proceeded to bang out 8 reps before I felt some fatigue...Totally surprised me. I guess a body-weight program can at least maintain a pretty good foundation of strength.

    BTW, I've lurked here for about 6 months, have hemmed and hawed about starting my own Primal Journal, but its tough to stay Primal over here, escpecially w/ the limited choices in the DFAC, can't wait to get home and get to Trader Joe's and the Commissary!! Fresh Produce!!

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    Heck yeah that's awesome!!!

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    That's sick. Being able to knock out 225 for 8 is sweet.

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    Welcome to the boards and congrats on your accomplishment!

    Bodyweight training is legit!
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