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Thread: meet and greet

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    timster's the name, primal's my game. A newbie on board primal blueprint x 7 days, and into full steam ahead. Fun to blog. first time ever to blog on anything. first time anything worthwhile to blog on. so a newbie to blogging as well, so have to look how to set profile iguess? cycling, walking, now learning to use just 55%max h.r. what a concept. This whole way of life has me turned upside down. I never knew intermitent fasting could actually feel good. I discovered that I am EXTREMELY carb sensitive. I can almost tell when I start to pull from my own fat reserves. My stomach is totally empty right now, and it does not bother me. No shakes, sweats, headaches, low energy. My friend at work said it was psychological. But how can that be with 50-100 carb average days x 7. it seems impossible, but I have never felt better.


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    Round Rock, TX Nice place, too bad it's in Texas!


    Around here, that's "Meat and greet!" Ha ha...maybe.

    Welcome aboard!

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    Thank you "ON THE BAYOU". Everything going VERY well. Able to trim fat down a little bit. nice to see the weight coming off slowly. High pressure job, now I can feel the adrenaline kick in at work when people are sometimes yelling at me. But i have no desire to "junk out" anymore. I am much more in tune with my body and aware of what is happening.

    timster is a very happy man and collecting basic staples for now.

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