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Thread: Alzheimer's Researchers Find High Protein Diet Shrinks Brain page 2

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    It sounds like this confirms that a high protien diet without a high fat intake is dangerous, but I think we already knew that!

    However I have no doubt that some CWers will take this as confimation of the prevailing wisdom.

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    chocolatechip69, researches also created the atomic bomb, gas chambers, trans fats, possibly the swine flu - you name it. We're an advanced civilization, sure. Civilized, no.

    robinbrooke, I think the same. Do they even mention what they consider a high protein diet? I don't see it. The PB should consist of no more than 1 gram of fat per pound, I believe. So that's not high protein, considering the rest of our calories come from fat and little carbs. And yes, commoners will take that as "meat is bad!!!"

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    Here is the link that shows how omega 3 helps with Alzheimers

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    Cordain may have also done some Alzheimer&#39;s research. He obviously linked it with sugar and grain lectins or something like that...

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    BTW im pretty sure the AAAS-american academy for advancement of/in science-is highly funded by big pharma/agra/dairy... so take the study with a grain of salt...

    Id like to see the details of the study too

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    Speaking of Bad Science (where&#39;s Oingo-Boingo these days?), I came across a comment yesterday that Ancel Keyes&#39; research was funded by.......Big Grain!

    Anyone know if this is true? Source?

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