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Thread: Calling all who like experimenting with recipes

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    Calling all who like experimenting with recipes

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    I have been making the Spinach Bread recipe from the PB cookbook and LOVE it! However, I would like a different flavor, maybe cinnamon, or something less savory. I eat it with cream cheese or turkey right now for breakfast, but it would sure be nice for a different taste sometimes.
    Can it be made with cashews or almonds instead of pinenuts (they are so darn expensive!)
    Unfortunately, I am terrible wit experiemnting, and I have absolutely no free time since I homeschool four littles.
    So, I need your help! Got any ideas??

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    Tarragon would add a sweetness....still erring a bit on the savory but lovely with chicken! I would just go ahead and try it with other nuts and see what happens...maybe cashews first as they are 'softer' like pine nuts? Just speculating....

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    Pecans are also about as soft as cashews so maybe using them both...

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