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    2nd week of Primal Journey:
    B-2 HB eggs, 2 slices turkey ham, 3 cups coffee w/creamer - but no sugar!
    S - Snow peas/yellow & orange pepper strips
    L - Big salad with ground beef, 80/20 from Trader Joe's, mushrooms, black oloves, yellow & orange peppers, red cabbage and natural ingred ranch dressing
    S - Almonds, 8
    Water throughout day

    D-2 eggs scrambled with last triangle of cheese/olive oil and smidge of cocunut oil
    Later-frz coconut bar - Whole Foods, corn tortilla chips, almond milk
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    Tuesday, Week 2
    B-4 slices of turkey ham in olive oil
    1/2 fresh tomato
    Brown rice tortilla
    coffee w/creamer - 1 splenda
    L-3 eggs in bacon grease, black olives, red cabbage
    wild cherry pepsi

    cloudy today and feeling very sad...grains last night part of the mix?
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