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Thread: Primal Journal *Dawn*

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    Unhappy Primal Journal *Dawn*

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    B- 1 cup coffee with 1/3 cup sugar and 2-3 Tbsp Non-dairy powdered creamer
    2 slices combo pizza leftover
    L/D- 2 eggs cooked after the bacon
    4 slices turkey bacon
    1/3 cup med cheddar
    1 ripe avacado
    1/3 cup sour cream
    2 tortilla

    1 walk with fam (inc stroller) to store and back. ~4 blocks both ways

    Well, I'll edit each post at the end of the day but I guess I figure, what is the harm of doing something like this? I'll probably just let it float out there with no posts for awhile like I usually do. But if I don't then the worst that can happen is that I get healthy for myself, my family, and my daughter. I want her to be healthy and I want to reverse the unhealthy track she and my hubby are on so I have to lead by example. Parenting is tough but I have to do it so I can live to see her be a parent. I'm scared and pretty sure I'll fall off a lot but I want to try. Again. Now, off to work where I may have a few nuts or something if I get hungry. (Oh, and I'm starting after breakfast, hence the nature of what my breakfast was!)

    Edit: Well, my day wasn't very primal but I'm not going to beat myself up over if because it was better than before. Instead of mowing down on habanero chips and sour cream for dinner (and that being it) I actually ate meat and fat while trying to reduce carbs. And the WOD? Not amazing but still more than I would have done. I actually got up off my ass and moved. And wouldn't you guess it, I not only went to try to get my LO to sleep and some fresh avacado but my hubby joined in!! Small successes lead to larger ones, right?
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    B- 5 slices Turkey bacon
    2 eggs cooked after bacon
    2 cup coffee with 1/3 cup sugar total (cutting back, yay!) and about 1/3 cup non dairy creamer
    L-I dont even wanna talk about it. Taco Bell from my hubby for our anniversary
    D-Again, don't go there. It was our anniversary so we celebrated out again, this time at a sit down chinese restaraunt.


    Musings: Slow and steady wins the race, I hope. If it weren't for having to pick up my LO from her Mamma's on my way home and her being too small for the bike trailer I would ride my bike to work. Been wanting to do this for awhile as my walking muscles aren't as strong as my biking ones yet but I have to figure out how to pick up my LO and/or drop her off. She has a helmet that almost fits and she sits in the trailer fine when we use it as a stroller but she's a bit too small by law (gotta have the helmet on AND be in a trailer or child bike seat which means around age 1. 5 more months, 5 more months...). Maybe I can figure out how to just haul the trailer down to work, back to my mom's, and then undo it and walk her in it and my bike the mile home. Doable but nerve racking due to the time of day... I dunno. My lizard brain is saying all of the reasons not to and my DH will agree with it. Plus he pressures me to come home very quickly after work because he wants to see her but not deal with my mom... Oh dang. Tomorrow he's watching her and it'll be a short day at work so maybe I can ride tomorrow...

    Edit: Okay, I want to beat myself up over today but I need to focus ont he good. I am not one to jump into things and have them stick. I've learned that the hard way time and again. So the fact that one good meal that is primal came out of today AND I didn't grab a huge amount of sugar for my coffee/tea OR have soda at dinner is an amazing feat. I am going to try to make small decisions to help my health. Like with the contact dermatitis I have. Instead of the steroidal cream the clinic handed me before walking away quickly (it's a clinic, no time. Annoying but true) I will try the diaper rash cream we have that is good on cloth diapers. It works to help my LOs eczema and will hopefully help my rash too. Should it not work I'll try a mix of calamine and coconut oil. And if it looks like its getting worse THEN I'll use the cream. I would rather try natural before pharmaceudical whenever not life threatening. Worst part is that it probably came about from an allergy to the detergents I use (at work and home but specifically at work where I use it in high concentration) and the detergent getting in through a scratch. Fuck. I can't work ANYWHERE without some sort of an allergy kicking up. Sucks sometimes. Well, off to put on my ointment, brush my teeth, research soap nuts (anyone use them before?), and then BED.
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