29 years old


Very roughly 200lbs - not really trying to significantly add or lose weight

No underlying health issues

Goals in order:

1. Health
2. Strength
3. Longevity
4. Appearance (mostly for indirect reasons)

My diet is closer to PaNu by Kurt Harris than Primal. I eat dairy regularly and do not consider it a cheat. I eat some starches, i.e. potatoes and white rice and generally do not consider them a cheat. I don't eat much fruit.

I eat a lot.


Plant-based multis
Fish Oil
Mg(sometimes packaged with Calcium)


Intentional workouts are almost always heavy barbell training. Sometimes I sprint, and I'm generally pretty active. Both my jobs involve moving around a lot, with some repetitive light lifting.

Journal Notes:

My entries will be sporadic, with likely more workouts posted than diet.

My goal is to have a place to record a rough snapshot of my life from a Primal perspective, and to bounce ideas off of like-minded people without having to explain my version of the lifestyle every time.

I'm also a personal trainer who uses(or at least tries to use, people are stubborn) primal with my clients. So this will also be a place to discuss that, to a degree.

Comments and critiques are always welcome, and while I will argue with you, you won't hurt my feelings.