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Thread: Allergic to Tree Nuts - Snack Ideas?

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    Question Allergic to Tree Nuts - Snack Ideas?

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    I am allergic to all tree nuts including almonds, pecans etc. I know they are great primal snack foods and I'm having a hard time finding good alternatives. But i'm not allergic to peanuts. Any ideas? Are peanuts a good alternative?

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    Don’t eat nuts.

    See also: don’t snack.

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    I rarely snack now but when I do need a little something, I basically go for mini versions of my main meals. So... hard boiled eggs, cold meats, olives, occasionally a little cheese, avocado, berries with cream, dark chocolate, sardines..

    I usually find though that if I am feeling snacky it is either through boredom/stress/habit in which case I try to find another way to feel better or if it is due to genuine hunger, I am best off fixing a proper meal as that seems to give me a better balance of food which keeps me satisfied for longer and also helps break the habit of boredom snacking.

    After a weekend with meals all over the place and resorting to snacking to fill gaps, I am reminding myself of this! If I am not hungry enough to eat a full meal, I don't need to eat, if I am hungry enough to eat a full meal then I will do so (ignoring the clock!). It doesn't have to be a complicated meal, just a plate of cold meat, mixed greens and whatever other salad stuffs are in the fridge topped with an EVOO based dressing and maybe a boiled egg or two or a tin of sardines fried up with some tomatoes and onion are far more satisfying than snacking ime.
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    I'm allergic to all nuts, including peanuts. I miss the days when I could snack on a handful of almonds. Sigh.

    I do like having a snack break to get me away from my office in the afternoons. These days I'm snacking on a few green olives stuffed with jalapenos, uncured pastrami slices with spicy mustard, or hard boiled eggs. If you do fruit, a 1/2 cup of berries with a few tablespoons of full fat coconut milk is a wonderful treat.
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