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    Asian Greens ideas?

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    I must be craving some nutrient or something because I'm addicted to Choy Sum at the moment. Think that's what it's called, it's a bit like bok choy but with a narrower, all green leaf and stem. Bok Choy is good too, and baby bok choy. And spinach. The asian greens have been particuarly good in our supermarket right now too. Really nice and fresh.

    So I've tried stir fry and just cooking in water and it tends to go a bit squidgy. Works well chopped fine in sauces. Maybe I need to stir fry but just toss it in for literally seconds.

    I also make spinach omelettes with chopped frozen spinach (convenient).

    Got any other ideas for stuff I can make with loads of leafy greens?
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    Sauteed. Heat up some oil then throw in some chopped garlic and stir for a moment to get the oil flavored. Toss until wilted then drizzle with a bit of tamari and/or vinegar. It would probably be really good with fresh basil, although I'm not sure exactly how you would do that, perhaps add some chopped leaves at the very end after you've turned off the heat?

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    when I cook asian greens , I keep the leaves and the stems seperate . I stir-fry the stems with peppers , chilli seeds and garlic in butter , and when they are almost cooked I turn off the heat , throw in the leaves and put the lid on the wok ( or pan ) . After a minute or two I take the leaves off the top , spread them over a plate and then pile on the stems .

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    Greens are good in frittatae too. Or with some sausage and over easy eggs (well, anything is good with sausage and eggs, haha).

    I also cook the stems and leaves serparate like simodalcais. At least for bok choy.

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