Hello All.
I have a dear friend who is really suffering from depression and anxiety but these are subjects I find completely baffling. I have no idea where to start in trying to help. I have heard anecdotal evidence that PB has helped many people with these types of challenges. What I would like to do is gather all those bits and pieces of evidence together on one thread.

If you are someone who has dealt with these issues, I would really appreciate it if you shared your story. If you have any links to external resources that might also help, that would be great too.

Some basic info about my friend : male, late 40s, 15-20 underweight for his tall height. Lives on diet soda and eats breakfast cereal for dinner. Doctors have been trying various combinations of meds over many years to no avail. I'm not sure exactly what he's taking right now. I have talked to him about PB but he isn't convinced it would be any more effective than the meds.

Thank you. I know that these topics are very personal and not easy to discuss for many people. If you could get past that to help someone else in the same boat, that would be very kind of you.