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    Nuts and Seeds

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    Hey how many of you eat nuts and seeds? I have read before that too many on a paleo diet can cause problems like halting weight loss. Anyone else find this to be true?

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    Haven't yet found the key to weight loss for myself but am going to be cutting back on nuts and seeds.

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    I lost a lot of weight while munching on walnuts and a mix that had cashews, almonds, pistachios, and macadamias. They are really good so you have to not overdo it.

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    I haven't had any issue with keeping nuts, seeds, and nutbutters in my diet. I don't eat them every single day, but I probably do eat them most days. I stick with about an ounce of nuts (tiny handful) or a spoonful of nutbutter. They're quite healthy if you can keep your portions in check!

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    Where do Almonds sit in this?

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    almonds are nuts. i don't treat them any differently than other nuts.
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    Having a handful a day while having 100 pounds to lose is probably ok.

    Having a handful a day while trying to get that 6-pack to pop, probably not.

    My own experience is, nuts and cheese are very powerful triggers. It's hard to stop once I start and I see them appear on my lower abdomen 2 days later.

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    I don't find any adverse affects from dairy, cheese or nuts. However, and keep in mind that this is annecdotal at best, I tend to gain weight when I allow them in my diet. This is mostly the case for cheese and dairy, as they seem to trigger binge eating - I'll eat a whole large block of cheese, 5 days in a row, and think nothing of it.

    I did the whole 30 in January - no cheats, 100% 30 days. I felt amazing, lost 7lbs, and had no cravings. Since then I've gained 8lbs, have all sorts of cravings, and eat too much cheese. I'm now back on whole 30, but I'm allowing alcohol once a week as I sit with friends at our local hang out.

    Although I'm eating nuts, I have to really force myself to control my portions. For example, last night I had 5 or 6 handfuls of almonds - not a good idea.


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