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Thread: Overdosing on Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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    Overdosing on Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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    I've been consuming a lot of olive oil, the extra virgin kind produced not in Italy, Greece, Tunisia or any of the Club Med countries, but in the U.S. (Why? Well, because I've read that the EVOO from the Club Med countries tend not to be pure and mixed with vegetable oil. So I'm relying on the honesty of them California-bred olive farmers.)

    Anyway, my average daily intake has been about 3-5 tbsps. Is that overdoing it? They don't go into my salad but to my bone broth soup, which I drink with every meal these days.

    EVOO is mostly MUFA. But it does have PUFA, albeit at a ratio of 5 to 1. So by having 5 tbsps of EVOO, you're consuming 50g of MUFA and 10g of PUFA. Is that any concern? PUFA would of course have O6FA but at this level, would that make your O3 to O6 ratio out of whack from unity?

    I consume 2 tsps of cod liver oil, 2 tbsps of coconut oil, and my intake of grass-fed beef is occasional, not regular. I do think that my PUFA is pretty much limited to EVOO, eggs, some avocadoes and the meats I eat (conventional beef and pork). I eat very little nuts.

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    I personally eat that much as well and as long as you look at the overall diet, in the big picture, I would not worry. I do at least an Avocado everyday as well. BTW I also do olive oil from CA after hearing of poor quality imported oil.

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