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Thread: High Fructose Content of Paleo-Friendly Veggies (Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes)

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    Maybe it is time to bump "In Fear of Food" again.

    I've never seen so much obesession over food.

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    Obsession is good when it is well-founded. It is just that the healthy-living community as a whole is where people tend to blow things out of proportion.

    Should I stop breathing so much to reduce my toxin load?!
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    carrots and fructose

    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    Show me one single piece of evidence that eating carrots has caused one person to be less healthy. Your logic will lead you eventually to eating nothing whatsoever, which is a well-known killer. Paradoxical, ain't it?
    I know I am late, but I have been puzzling over something and this thread came up in a search.

    I have had serious problems with diabetes and allergies, and I thought I had everything solved by
    switching to paleo. Then I saw Dr. Lustig's video and began connecting my allergies with fructose
    content. I have been allowing myself unlimited raw carrots as a snack on the theory that I do
    not digest them anyway. Lately I have been plotting my fasting blood glucose, and I notice that
    it goes up after I buy carrots. By my experience with apples and pears it seems that I can
    tolerate about 0.5 grams of fructose per day without aggravating my diabetes. At 0.6 gm
    per 100 gm that works out to less than three carrots. Yesterday I went through a pound of
    carrots, and this morning my glucose measurement rose by about 20 mg/dl. So carrots
    do seem to be a problem for me.

    I puzzled about the fructose content of onions, but then I have long known I have a problem
    with raw onions. Cooked ones seem to be OK. I also notice that the sweetness of fructose
    laden foods is reduced by cooking. For example baked apples need a lot of extra sugar.
    So I wonder whether fructose is somehow altered in response to heat.

    Anyway carrots definitely do give me the same problems that other fructose laden
    foods do. BTW I have unlimited tolerance for glucose. I use as much glucose
    as I want. It is just as unnatural and even cheaper than HFCS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by choppedliver View Post
    I'm seeing that many Paleos are watching out for high-carb and high-starch veggies. But what about fructose, which is, in Dr. Lustig's words, a "hepatotoxin" and can mess up one's metabolism by increasing triglycerides, promoting insulin resistance, inducing metabolic syndrome, and creating advaned glycation end (AGEs) products, which increase the aging process. Fructose may not necessarily register in your BG meter but it is directed to liver and can increase your HbA1C, LDL, liver enzymes.

    In view of this, shouldn't someone following Paleo practice limiting fructose-rich vegetables like carrots, onions, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and Jerusalem artichokes? That goes without saying for the HFCS, of course, and sugar-laden products, which is 1/2 fructose, after all. But I don't think people realize how much natural fructose is in some of the Paleo-friendly veggies?

    So what is a sound Paleo practice with regard to naturally-occurring fructose? Eat with impunity? Moderation? Strict avoidance?
    Perfect Health Diet discusses fructose and says to limit it to 100 calories per day. High fructose intake can be harmful. There are some benefits to fructose, too... athletic performance and catalysis of glycemic control. Because fruits and veggies that have fructose are also made up of other sugars you don't need to worry about eating to much fructose. PHD still recommends eating 1lb of sugary plants per day... that is 3-4 fruits or sugary in-ground plants per day. I doubt most Primals are eating near that amount of sugary fruits and vegetables per day.

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    Don't let kids hear that carrots are "fructose sticks" though - they will just get a pseudo scientific way to avoid eating vegetables at the dinner table, kids are so clever these days...

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    I actually have dietary issues with onions and tomatoes and IBS---I would believe it is fructose related. THese minor issues become more major for some of us in need of more healing. Maybe there is an underlying issue with the need to bash.
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