After finding primal blueprint aout a month ago i decided this week to star living primal.

Im a type 1diabetic not really well controlled with all the carbs i have been shoving in my mouth.But the last week of living primal my sugar levels have been steady and i have been feeling better so i said im gonna commit fulltime to this way of live and see where it brings me.

Day 1
B- two boiled eggs - 2 pork sausage
s- protein shake - (post workout)
d- beef casserole- extar veg
s- almonds nuts
s - mackeral

WOD: 4 sets of heavy squats, bench press, lunge, miltary press, latpull down, rows.
also got in 8 sprints(felt great after them)

In my first week im loving everything about this lifestyle(i refuse to call it a diet). I started this cause i no im gonna have bad days as well so at least i have somewhere to come and have a good rant and get it all of my chest

Day 1 down til tomorrow be good folks