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Thread: How to cook oily fish without stinking up the kitchen?

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    How to cook oily fish without stinking up the kitchen?

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    I love oily fish (mackerel, kippers/herring, salmon, etc), but living in a college dorm at the moment means I have to be considerate of others in the shared kitchen. Used to just pan-fry it, but people have been complaining of the kitchen "stinking like fish." Personally, I never really notice it, but I can understand the complaints

    Anyway, is there a better, more inconspicuous way to cook oily fish that I don't know about?

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    Do you have access to an outdoor grill / BBQ ??? My mother does kippers like that - no smell in the kitchen!

    Another good way with kippers is to jug them - put them in a tall thin jug, tall enough just to have the tails sticking out, pour boiling water over and leave for 5 - 7 minutes. They come out cooked , but no nice crispy bits like when they are fried.....

    And as for mackerel, salmon etc - wrap in foil, cook in oven, eat outdoors......

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    Oven cooked fish is less smelly than pan-fried, in my experience. As breadsauce suggests, wrapping in foil is a good idea to further reduce smell -- but result will be more steamed fish than baked fish.
    If you want cold fish, you can cold-smoke your own in the freezer. And then there's always canned fish, just watch out for oil spills -- talk about stink!
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    If cooking a fish like herring, put onions into it, wrap in foil and cook in the oven. The foil will reduce the smell.

    Also make sure you throw out the garbage so fish bones won't linger in your kitchen garbage.

    Idea: Use cinnamon in your recipe, it may hide the fish smell.

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    If you have a foreman grill or panini press type appliance, you can always drag it outside as well.
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