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    I love Rib Crib ribs (regional restaurant) and go a couple of times a week. I can manage a 1/2 rack of baby backs and a green salad then I happily IF the rest of the day.

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    A while ago where he gave an extremely good explanation. From what little I understand, essential fatty acids are precursors to different classes of eicosanoids.The common objection is that it's all seed oils and "natural" linoleic acid can do no harm. Well I seriously doubt we evolved eating much linoleic acid. It is hard to get that many nuts, especially consistently, a wild avocado is downright puny,

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    This thread makes me so happy. Another fellow austinite here and the BBQ in Central TX is killer. Sometimes I worry about eating BBQ because of the rubs - you don't really know what's in them. I never put sauce on it and very seldom eat any sides other than onions or jalapenos. I haven't been able to go to Lockhart yet - don't worry, I plan to as soon as possible - but I want to. The only chain BBQ places around where I live, though, is Rudy's and Smokey Mo's (we usually go for Rudy's). Any body know how sugar laden the rubs are, if at all? I know Rudy's doesn't sauce the meat but it's the rub that has me nervous. I probably don't eat BBQ enough to worry about it but I am curious. If i had my way, though, I would eat BBQ multiple times a week and could probably put away 1lb+ easily!
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