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Thread: Frustrated noob

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    Frustrated noob

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    As I mentioned in the fitness forum, I started on Atkins 2.5 weeks ago, before a friend pointed me to this site. I have decided to "go primal" because it seems better overall for a lifestyle change than Atkins.

    However, first week on Atkins (and I don't cheat in any way), I lost 15lbs. Now, keep in mind, I'm very heavy (6f4i, started at 325 lbs), so the weight *should* be falling off me. Second week on Atkins, I lost 3 lbs. Now, to Thursday of my third week, I'm only down about 1.5 more. I don't understand the semi-stall I'm in, especially at the weight I'm carrying; I would expect, since I'm at or below 20 carbs a day and at or below 2,000 calories a day, I should still be shedding it at a rapid rate until I'm down to 275 or so.

    I'm drinking 80oz of water a day, no sweeteners, no other beverages, I'm walking as much as I can and doing body-weight exercise (see details on why I'm limited on this thread)... what am I missing?

    Typical day's food:
    Two-egg omelet with bacon, mushroom, green pepper
    Two 2oz hamburgers, no bun, American cheese on both, lettuce wrap
    One ounce roasted almonds (snack)
    One 6oz chicken breast, pan seared in real butter

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Lose your American cheese. And if you can lose roasted almonds. I am not sure how much of almonds you take but it could hurt you if you take in too much.

    By the way, I think you are maknig a great progress. Initial drop is mostly from water loss. Then comes real fat burning mode. So do not get discouraged when your number does not look as great as previous day/week. Just keep at it. It could also be your body trying to adjust to your new diet which can be manifested as slower progress sometimes.

    It works! So keep at it!

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    Maybe you could try adding in some more veggies? It will put you over the 20g of carbs per day but if you have changed over from Atkins to PB, that shouldn't matter too much. I find that personally for weight loss, I do need to stay around the 60g or less of carbs per day, so the addition of some extra greens could help you out some

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    dathinker said it - keep at it! You didn't get to 325 in a few weeks so you're not going to lose it as quickly as you would like. It's a journey. Get some more veggies in there too - I know you are all worried about the carbs but you gotta have the nutrients they provide too. 80 oz of water seems like a lot - are you that thirsty?

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    Almost 20lbs in a month isn't a stall. That's a lot of weight. The first week you lost mostly water weight.

    Just like you didn't put it on overnight, it isn't going to come off overnight.

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    It's likely your body is adapting to this diet and to the 20lb loss so far. Are you walking / lifting? I lose much better when I exercise.

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    You need Vegetables, and Seriously a TWO OUNCE Hamburger is not going to be enough food for you. You are sending your body into a starved state if you undereat. EAT. We don't really care about portions at first, you should be eating to fullness but not Stuffed. Veggies will provide you MUCH needed fiber and help move things through. No Cheese, and No Almonds at first you can add those back in later. and As stated before, close to a 20lb loss is NOT a stall at all. That is GREAT progress. Try a A BAS ( Big Ass Salad) for lunch everyday, throw in some steamed veggies at dinner and keep up with the exercise! It would not hurt to get a jar of Coconut Oil and take a couple teaspoons of that daily as well. Good Luck, you are off to a good start.

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    Also, I would add this... (even though you're NOT in a stall), at the end of the day calories still count. Kinda sorta. The way Dr. Eades put it is basically this: once you stop eating carbs, your insulin is down and the doors to use fat as energy are open. However, you still need to have a caloric deficit -- otherwise your body is going to use dietary fat instead of stored fat. It's easy to polish off a 16oz steak if that's all that's on your plate. However, an 8oz steak with veggies feels like a full meal. I don't count calories -- just watch portions. I'm the type of guy who will eat anything on my plate, no matter how much is there, so portion control is important. Don't think that just because you're eating low carb you can eat as much as you want and lose weight. Wish it worked like that but it doesn't. Trust me, I've tried. Mark had a post about using fitday a few days ago that I think is good for anyone starting out. I don't count calories anymore, but it's because I have a general idea of what I'm eating, the density of a portion, and where I'm eat each day.

    Your diet looks good but I would get some veggies. If anything, they're filling. Add in some physical activity when you're ready. I was very heavy when I started (275lbs of fat on a 5'5 frame), so I get physical activity isn't really possible when you're obese, other than some walking. Well, weight lifting is also a great activity for the heavy. That's where I concentrated most of my efforts, and still sort of do (P90X and power lifting now). Lifting definitely helps re-shape your body.

    The vitamin D and high quality food (grass fed beef, pastured chicken, organic veggies) is also very important.

    Hope that helps. The weight isn't going to come off overnight, but it will come off quicker than you think...

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    I agree that at a higher weight you should expect good weight loss each week. Increase the low carb veggies and salad greens.

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    Thank you everyone. Answers to questions:

    jedikelly: not really; until January 1 I was a 20 cans-a-day Diet Coke drinker; gave that up cold turkey, but was accustomed to always having something to drink. In my mind -- correct me if I'm wrong -- keeping the water intake high is always good.

    profdjj: walking as much as I can with the foot problem I have (see link in OP), LHT, soon to be using a home gym (when it arrives).

    PrincessGrok: since starting this diet, I've gotten to a point where I'm just not hungry. I certainly don't feel like I'm starving myself; in fact, after the 4oz of hamburger and lettuce wrap, I felt stuffed for hours.

    dathinker, TARNIP, cavemanj, Sue: thank you much for your input. Question to you to help me be realistic: at my height (and I'm a big boy even when thin -- 80 inch wingspan) and weight, should I be expecting 2lbs a week? Is four too much to hope for? Sounds like Sue might disagree with the others... just looking for input.


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