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Thread: Food Combining and Separation

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    I think its important-

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    Trophology, the science of correct food combining, isn't some fad. It dates back to the Toaists and I'm sure many other ancient philosophies of health and well being. Its all to do with basic 'acid alkaline balance' or 'pH'. When we combine certain foods we can alter the environment of the digestive system so that the digestive process is hindered or is no longer optimal. This causes putrification and fermentation of foods in the gut, puts toxins into the bloodstream, gas bloating... well..general distress to the digestive process. I guess any one who is on this site, is striving for optimal health, so if its Paleo or not, I would say its beneficial to know. Depending on how sensitive your digestion and how poor your food choices may have been in the past will depend on how crucial it may be for you to engage these ideas.
    The book "the Toa of Health Sex and Longevity" by Daniel Reid has a great chapter which explains how this works.

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    @Gobble The "Problem" with that kind of food combining is that it takes up to 8 hours or more to fully digest a big meal with fat and protein. If one were to follow food combining, that would mean that you pretty much wouldn't be able to eat vegetables or fruit the rest of the day after consuming animal products. This wouldn't make sense in an evolutionary perspective, and nobody in the community seems to have any issues.

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