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Thread: Was this a healthy dinner time meal?

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    Was this a healthy dinner time meal?

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    I fried up some ground beef, about 1.75 pounds. Afterward, when it was done, I mixed it up in almost a whole block of cheddar cheese (Cabot), and two sauces whose ingredients are as primal as I could find (no soy or HFCS or anything like that).

    I ate it all and then some dark chocolate afterward. Was this too much, in any sense? Or was it acceptable in the PB world. It was certainly good and I felt good afterward.

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    were there any veggies in it? Despite what you may read in the forum there ARE veggies in basic Primal, and I would certainly give up dairy before veggies.

    When you say a block of cheese you mean a pound?
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    Sounds like a lot of cheese.

    Try to think of cheese like a condiment. I would have added veggies or salsa or somethin, but other than the massive amount of cheese, it sounds like a primal meal!
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    I had salad earlier, and I LOVE cheese...but maybe next time I will go easy on the queso.

    By a block, I mean 8oz., or around there.

    I try to eat some salad everyday.

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    Some people react more to dairy than others but generally in PB terms, dairy consumption is supposed to be moderate. So I'm guessing most folks here wouldn't consider eating 1/2 pound of cheese in a sitting to really be in line with their dietary goals.

    Other than that, it's a metric ass ton of calories. Whether or not that's too many is pretty individual. And of course it sounds really freakin yummy, but I'm glad you're getting some veg in there somewhere.

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    Great time I won't cook as much, and cut down on the cheese. I've heard too much dairy will slow down weight loss on PB, and I do want to lose weight.

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    My only real concern is the sauces. Just because there's no HFCS or soy doesn't mean there's not a ton of sugars in them.
    I can't eat that much meat in a sitting, and I would recommend adding veggies, but it doesn't sound out of line to me.

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    I like making an italian style meat sauce and topping that n spaghetti squash with shrooms. Damn, I wan that for dinner now.

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    I've had meals like yours. Sometimes you're just hungry.

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    I wonder why dairy slows down weight loss? It must be some voodoo magic ingredient. It certainly can't be the 900+ calories in 8oz since Taubes sez calories don't matter.

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