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Thread: Excercising with a cold or not

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    Hey all. I'm dealing with a bit of a cold right now and I've always wondered if it's a good or bad idea to jog, bike, etc. if you have one. I mean, I'm just a bit sniffly. Nothing serious, but I don't want to do anything to make myself worse. So...does it prolong/worsen the cold or can it help you "sweat it out"?


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    I always find that a small workout when sick makes me feel a ton better. too much and you could just feel tired after. Maybe a good day for some strength training. I would keep an HIIT or jog to less than 10 minutes.

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    I exercise with a cold but don't do anything with intensity and listen to my body so I may back off and do less than I had planned.

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    Mild exercise might be good.

    High intensity is probably bad.

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    I've read somewhere that's it's OK (and actually good) to work out if the symptoms are from the neck and above (sore throat, sniffles). It's bad to work out if the symptoms are below the neck (lungs). I find it helps to work out under these guidelines.

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