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Thread: Primal Journal - Patrick (who has a filthy pirate hooker mouth)

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    Primal Journal - Patrick (who has a filthy pirate hooker mouth)

    (May 6, 2011 hilarity courtesy of Jenny. The origin of the below image can be found on pages 92 and 93.)

    I'm way late to the game... by seven months... so I'm not doing a normal Primal journal in terms of food tracking. Fuck that. Rather, I'm just going to journal general health improvements, setbacks, SimpleFit "yay!" moments, thoughts of interest relevant to being Primal, whatever.

    So yeah, let's do dis. Stardate... ummm... today:

    - finally felt like I'm hitting a good stride with SimpleFit at Level 4. At 10 weeks into SimpleFit but my first week of Level 4, Level 4 is really doing it for me. I'm looking forward to seeing what Friday's judgement day brings. I'm thinking 6:15, but I've still got this damn chest cough thing that I only notice after waking up from sleeping.

    - ribs are awesome, but I might want to use a new rub and sauce, as both contain a bit of dark brown sugar. Then again, I have ribs once every 4 to 7 weeks, so up yers, sugars. Nom nom nom! So damn addictive.

    - Sweet potatoes on workout days -------

    (just got interrupted to be asked by phone if I'd be voting for Harper. My response was "HAHAHAHA! Seriously? NOOOoooo... oooo..." "What's that, sir?" "Sorry, let me rephrase that: Fuck no." "...Thank you for your time, sir." "Super duper!" Stupid elections.)

    - So yeah, sweet potatoes. Awesome on workout days, which are M/W/F. Love 'em. Boil them and then dump them in with chard, bacon strips, onion and mushrooms/peppers and holy fuck... it's awesome. Add 200-350g of meat. YAY! I've also stopped having a hate-on for ground beef. I basically use the double-pork stuffed chicken ground pork portion of the recipe, but with beef. It's great for workout days, because you can portion ground anything so goddamn well and it's as lean as you want it to be! All my packets of it are in like 600g packs, so it makes for about 3 servings.

    - Adding that ground beef to a naked, organic field greens salad with chipotle salsa = love. The end. Simple, awesome, 30 seconds.

    The other day, I got a voucher for $175 worth of grassfed anything for $55. It was for my favourite butcher shop, Aubrey's -- all grassfed local stuff and damn proud of it. I walked in and said, "Simon, this coupon's legit, right?" "Yup, it's been really popular-----" He was interrupted by my seizure of joy in the middle of the floor. I might have wet my pants with happiness, but since it's a concrete floor, he didn't call me on it. So since I already go in on cow-pooling for maximum beef'ness, I focused on pork and some chicken. I spent $96 worth (two fabric grocery bags full), and I've still got $74 free left to go! I now understand the saying "kid in a candy shop." (Though who the fuck likes candy? I never have. "Patrick in a butcher shop" is the new saying. Spread it around. It's totally two streets ahead.)

    - Can't stop thinking about the Spartan Race coming to Ottawa July 3. It's going to rock. I can't get any of my sissy friends to join in, so I'll have to hope for some people from Kingston and maybe Tim Bell knows folks down there. Sad that I can't get Ottawa to fucking represent. It's 3 miles (5 km)! Christ. Damn whiny bitches in the National Capital Region, I tell ya. So here's hoping that Kingston can bring on the pain.

    - Finally feeling more comfortable with my new Vibram KSOs. It seems to take me 5-10 min to forget I'm wearing them. The funny thing is that I consider that a pain. Ridiculous. Compare that to wearing any other kind of footwear and it's the fucking Second Coming of Footwear, starring Jesus FiveFingers.

    That's it for now.

    Progress pics for March 30, 2011

    Progress pics for May 6, 2011
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