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Thread: Primal Journal - Patrick (who has a filthy pirate hooker mouth)

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    lol, oh dear. spongebob is almost on par with dora in my book. barely tolerated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    lol, oh dear. spongebob is almost on par with dora in my book. barely tolerated.
    Dora can die a long, torturous death. Spongebob shall live!

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    lol. just a personal preference thing. the makers of dora seem to think all preschoolers are dumb as fuck. i can see the appeal to spongebob, i guess he's not AS bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDF View Post
    My reading list is more "commercial" than you guys.

    I'm reading:
    Water for Elephants
    Wuthering Heights(re-reading actually)
    A Map of Glass

    I have:
    Clan of the Cave Bear
    The Help
    Sarah's Key

    already lined up.
    Clan of the Cave Bear is an awesome series, I've read the first 2 books so far. A great read for Primal folk.

    I'm reading: The first book of the A song of Ice and Fire series (thanks Canio ) and Nora Gedgaudes' Primal Body Primal Mind. Plus several required but boring as fuck textbooks for Uni.

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    Quick update:

    - Checking out a downtown apartment tomorrow morning.

    - Submitted a letter of introduction and my résumé to a small design and marketing firm this morning. They called me within 30 min to schedule a job interview for tomorrow. Woooo + fuck yeah! I'm very excited but trying to keep my expectations grounded.

    - I'm down around 162 lb or so and I can fit the width of my hand into the waist of my 34" jeans! I need a new hole punched into this belt -- that'll be the second hole I've had to punch in my 34" belt since I bought it in August! Kinda scary, that. No idea what my waist circumference actually is. Maybe 30"?! Anyhoo, abs are much more [consistently] visible and I'm toning up a bit, generally. Some of my Large shirts are looking big on me but at the same time are getting a bit tight across the shoulders and chest. This is awesome in terms of signs of progress but crappy because it makes replacing them a pain in the arse. I'll end up looking like some tight-shirt-wearing douchebag if I drop down to Medium size. Hmm...

    - Not looking forward to winter and the cold. I might need to buy some snowshoes so I can maintain my outdoors activity levels.
    August 2010: 207 lb, 37" waist, 25+% BF | Currently: 177 lb, 33" waist, ~15% BF

    I have a new site up and will soon be blogging at The Wayward Mind. (My journal is semi-retired at this point)

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    Wow Patrick, it sounds like things are going great for you on all fronts. Congratulations!

    I like your blog. I've been lurking/reading. I loved the "You'll never be the You You can't Be" post. Great Job.
    Primal since 9/24/2010
    "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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    awesome news patrick! i'm going to check out your blog again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    tight-shirt-wearing douchebag
    Oh, that has been my nickname for you for months. Kidding Great progress man.

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    TCB -- takin' care of business!

    (Also known as GSD -- getting shit done.)

    I like it.

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    Well sir, you are becoming the proverbial bad-ass. I think you will only be considered a tight-shirt-wearing douche bag if you walk around asking people if they have their tickets to the gun show and then flexing. Avoid that and you should be good.

    Good luck with the job and apartment hunting.
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    "I've come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubble gum."

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