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Thread: Build muscle -- PRIMAL BODYBUILDERS

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    Build muscle -- PRIMAL BODYBUILDERS

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    I want to start going to a gym again to gain muscle mass.
    But now I am confused again, when building muscle mass and not taking in lots of calories, just protein... any advice and are there any "bodybuilders" out there that are primal?
    Grok from Germany

    Primal since End/Beginning of 2010/2011

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    Check out Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health. Martin (the writer of the blog) recommends high amounts of starch and protein post-workout and also cycling calories (highest in your post-workout meal, lower in subsequent meals and lower calories and carbs on rest days). I've been using this approach with great success and I don't even cut my fat very low at all in my post-workout meals.

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