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Thread: All vegetable oils bad?

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    All vegetable oils bad?

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    Are all vegetable oils bad? If so, why are people using olive oil and palm oil etc.

    For sauteing, should I use olive oil or butter?

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    I use bacon fat/ butter, coconut oil, or non-virgin olive oil (low heat and I forget what it is called).

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    Seed oils (sunflower, safflower, soya, corn, cottonseed, ...) are mostly PUFA so bad. Fruit oils (olive and palm) and coconut are mostly MUFA or SFA so good. Nut oils tend to be more PUFA so I also avoid them, though Sisson says they're OK. Canola is mostly MUFA, but industrial extraction methods oxidise the PUFA it has, increasing its danger. These same techniques are used for some seed oil extraction, making them even worse
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    Olive is a fruit. Avocado is a fruit. Both are grown in warmer climates, as are coconuts. They don't go rancid as quickly as veg oils. Coconut is not a vegetable or a nut.

    Vegetables cannot be pressed naturally to extract oil, as they have little oil on their own, unlike olive and avocado. They must be highly refined and chemically processed to extract their oils. Avoid vegetable oils. They go rancid rather quickly in your body after ingestion, causing inflammation.

    I use coconut oil or clarified butter. (Ghee) for cooking. I rarely cook with olive oil, despite the advice of Food Network gurus and Paleo diet folks, - unless I am cooking at a low temperature.

    IMO, I don't recommend overuse of nut/seed oils. Only use nut oils in dressings, or for drizzling on occasion. JMO
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