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Thread: Question for yoga experts

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    Question for yoga experts

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    I've always wanted to learn some basic yoga, it seems like such an awesome addition to any fitness program. Nearest classes are 45 minutes away and even if I knew the instructor was good (and I haven't a clue) I'm simply not going to drive that far, especially in winter road conditions, not to mention gas prices lately.

    Can anyone recommend a good starter book or video? 'Yoga for Dummies' or something like that? Google and Amazon throw up too many options and I don't have a lot of money to waste on something that isn't good.

    TIA for any suggestions.

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    I record "Yoga for Life" on the Veria network - Veria: Yoga for Life

    I really like him.

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    I haven't done yoga yet, but I think planks would be a good precursor!

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    do not bother with vids you need an instructor for yoga it is not like weight lifting at all
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    I partially agree that an instructor is key. Maybe you could arrange other errands in town with a yoga class occasionally? Twice a month? It's just really helpful until you gain some confidence and know what the poses are.

    Barring that, I say go for the video. I've never done any and can't recommend any, but hopefully someone can. I might suggest starting with Iyengar yoga to really understand the basics and alignment. Stay away from restorative if you're looking for a workout. Vinyasa, for me, is the best combination of movement and strength building.
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    There's plenty of excellent videos for yoga and you can get very good instruction from them - I have a large collection and just adore yoga.

    What you get depends on what kind of yoga you want to do - are you looking for something geared toward flexibility or relaxation, are you looking to gain strength, etc.

    Anything by Sara Ivanhoe is great for beginners, she's a wonderful instructor who gives excellent cueing and instructions. Her "Candlelight Yoga" is a very popular one. (She also DOES a couple videos called "Yoga for Dummies" but I haven't tried those)

    Eoin Finn and Rainbau Mars are also top notch, but don't give as much basic instruction as something more beginner level. Though, I tried them early on in my yoga practice and didn't find them too hard to pick up.

    Rodney Yee is very popular and often recommended for beginners, especially his AM Yoga For Your Week. (I wasn't a big fan, but I could never pin down why)

    Anything from the Yoga Zone series is well done and I know they have some geared specifically for beginners.

    Baron Baptiste has some beginner level yoga videos, too, and he's a good instructor

    Try seeing what your local library has if you'd like to try out a few before buying anything. You can also find some free video yoga practices on iTunes, but I don't have any to specifically recommend for beginners.

    Good luck and enjoy!
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    I have a Rodney Yee Yoga For Beginners and it's fine. Just like beginner yoga classes irl.

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    Out in the sticks where I live the folks don't cotton no "Yo-gee stuff" There are studios in the city but they are 30+ miles away and reeaal expensive. So I do a little yoga here Really good choice if your isolated or broke.
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    I like Rodney Yee

    NO video will replace a real instructor who will correct your alignment. However only about 30% of yoga "instructors" take the time to do that. If you have any chronic injury problems I would not do yoga without an instructor to start. (back, hip, knee or shoulder especially). If you are otherwise healthy I would try a good beginning yoga video and get familiar with the basic poses and terms. It might be useful to watch the video and double check some of the pose details online. (Yoga journal has a good catalog with beginner tips and cautions)

    Once you have a basic grasp, take the time to take a few classes. Get some instructor led, a good instructor will teach you something you didnt pick up from a video almost every time.
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    Hi! I'm a 500 hour ERYT. I love the videos posted on and The instruction is really good.
    For books I love the Sivananda guide to yoga, Moving Into Balance and Autobiography of a Yogi

    If you want more technical or academic stuff let me know =)
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