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Thread: Hi everyone my name is Jim....

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    Hi everyone my name is Jim....

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    Hi all,

    Been cruising the boards for some time now before finally joining and posting. I'm an ex-vegetarian starting the paleo lifestyle and from what I've seen so far there seem to be a lot of us ex-veggies here. Speaking only for myself, I think it must have to do with the fact that a vegetarian diet is so heavy on grains, dairy, soy and other legumes that perhaps we see a much more exaggerated effect from these foods than even the average SAD eater?

    My doctor did run Celiac tests on me which were all negative, and I'm not lactose intolerant either, but nonetheless I find that these foods make me feel like crap when I eat them. And that's enough for me. Since going vegetarian 3 years ago I've had huge dark circles under my eyes that are present year-round and even though I do suffer regular seasonal allergies I've never had these big dark circles under my eyes like i do now. I must assume that this is at least in part diet related.

    At any rate I am happy to be here and look forward to learning from you all.


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    Hey Jim. I was strict vegetarian for 10 years and I just started Primal in February. My body was failing me in so many ways, despite a lifestyle of "healthy" food and exercising that I needed to make a change and I'm trying this.
    Are you young? It says boy in your name so I'm guessing that?
    I don't know if the damage that I did by being vegetarian is permanent or if this will work for me, but so far it's doing well. Good luck with things.

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    Thanks Nomad1! Well yes I am young but then again I consider 40's to be young so perhaps my name is misleading. It's the same name I used on the vegetarian forums so I thought it appropriate to keep it here. Appreciate the support!

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    Welcome, from another one of the ex-veggies on this board.

    I agree with the idea that vegetarians may feel the effects of problematic foods (grains, legumes) even more than others, as many of us had relied on those foods as staples. Over my 10 year vegetarian excursion, I acquired multiple health issues including IBS, migraines, weight gain, dizziness, numbness of extremities, and more. Adding meat to my diet helped a lot; then, avoiding wheat and high sugar foods made things even better. Slowly but surely, I am healing.

    Hope you also find PB to be a healing way of life... good luck!

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    Thanks Jen I appreciate the welcome and kind words.

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    I donated all my old canned goods (beans, grains, dairy, etc) to the local food bank today and it felt very good!

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    Hi im randy i am also a vegetarian since when i got sick thats why at this my age i never get back on my previous day when i got a high fever,,love it

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    Hell, I was even vegan for several monthS, after years of on-off vegetarianism; I finally accepted my canine teeth are here for a reason. I was always anemic and had the dark circles under my eyes, but when I got off the veg-fad I lost the haunted look. Also lost the constant cravings I lived with for years.
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