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Thread: Traveling and Paleo

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    I recently traveled for 3 weeks through the south of Argentina by bus (+3,000km mostly on overnight or all-day buses) and the start of the trip was good and paleo -- i survived mostly on canned tuna, hard boiled eggs and my homemade trail mix but as the trip progressed with other travelers (non paleo) it became harder to stay paleo without being a pain in the ass to the majority. Any suggestions for traveling and staying paleo if you aren't eating out at restaurants (with the ability to choose your own dish) and you are sharing/cooking meals with lots of non-paleo carb monsters? (pasta, big bread sandwiches, chips, cookies and crackers). I'm talking backpacker traveling on-the-cheap paleo options. Options that I can carry with me on the bus that can last at least 1-2 days out of the fridge would be ideal.

    Thanks for the input!

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    Home made beef jerky. Easy to make, travels well and keeps quite a while.

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    While processed, summer sausage will last a week at room temps after opening. I used to buy elk sausage for this purpose, worked well.

    Freeze dried meats?

    Or just accept your fate for awhile, you can always come back to the cave. We'll leave the fire on for you....

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    Definitely pemmican.

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