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Thread: Boderline higher levels of testosterone for a woman

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    To echo what the others said, no way on the metformin. I would google natural alternatives for metformin and see what you come up with.

    I just looked around and saw some discussion on what it is for in a case like you described, and they were saying it lowers blood sugar when insulin resistance is suspect.

    My hormone/thyroid doc really likes maitake mushroom extract, SX fraction for this. It is to improve insulin sensitivity.

    Your numbers are not that far off and no way would I be forcing it down with a prescription drug just based on one test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloka7 View Post
    Hi Sue,
    yes this is the first time I tested. the drug is called glycomet 500 (metformin basically). Yes it could be that my testosterone levels are coming down, since all the others tests look good. but what I will do is test it once more before I make a decision.
    Good idea to test again before your decision.
    So the reason for the metformin as I read - "Metformin significantly increases the frequency of ovulation and decreases circulating testosterone in women with polycystic ovary syndrome who are not obese and have normal indices of insulin sensitivity".
    Metformin's PCOS benefits not limited to obese women: increases ovulation, reduces testosterone in those with normal insulin sensitivity | Internal Medicine News | Find Articles at BNET

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    I have both those problems & I know why diabetic meds are used

    Usually higher levels of testosterone and other symptoms (sometimes just x rays and ultra sounds) are the things that help diagnose Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Symptoms usually include hair growth (facial and body) in male areas, acne, weight gain, hair on the top of your head to shed, painful and or irregular periods and problems conceiving children. I was prescribed metformin which is for diabetics. At the time I was desprite because I had nearly every symptom so I tried it, but wondered why this would help me. I also found meca powder because I was looking for a natural way to help this problem. Maca powder is supposed to spike estrogen in the body and give you more energy and help with those issues, but when the day after I tried it I broke out with cystic acne. I was confused because I thought boosting my estrogen would help even out things since my testosterone was high so I did some more research online. I found out putting things with estrogen into our bodies actually boosts bad testosterone higher (which is why I broke out). Also I found out eating things like processed fast foods, meats (especially fast food), sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and soy can do the same thing because they effect that hormone in our bodies so that is where the diabetic meds come in handy. You may not need them though if you try to change your diet a little first. Iíve read success stories about women wanting to get pregnant and couldnít until they change their diets and also ones about women taking the diabetic medication. So itís up to you. Iíd try the natural way (changing your diet) first and if you donít see any changes maybe try a small dosage of the medication. I try to avoid medications at all costs because of side effects, but I can say metformin has been helping me. I still have some of the problems listed above, but they have improved and Iím trying to cut the soy and carbohydrates out of my diet now that I know (which isnít easy). Be careful because so many things have dairy and soy and them and you donít even realize it so when you think youíre eating a little you really ate more that were mixed ingredients in other things (CHECK INGREDIENTS). To get hormone free protein and calcium Iíve been trying to eat and drink almond/almond milk/almond cheeses, beans, nuts, hummus, spinach and other veggies. Wheat pastas are good, but best if they donít contain gluten or egg. I heard that fish is a good source of protein and lean chicken isnít as bad as heavier meats. Good luck . I hope I helped at least one person understand what I was confused with this all myself.

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    Borderline high means high for testosterone in women. It's just that high testosterone in women is really, really common, so common that women with androgen problems were being observed along with healthy women when the medical community was figuring out how much testosterone is normal.

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    Yes that's true, but I'm sure her doctor gave it to her because she's trying to have a baby and because she has PCOS and higher levels of testosterone can make that hard.

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    Hey there. I have PCOS and noticed my male hormones (when tested in may) were kinda disconcerting. It certainly explains the chest hair! (PCOS inside joke)
    Also I want to reassure you that babies are entirely possible on PCOS. I have a gorgeous, vibrant 3yo to prove it
    --Trish (Bork)

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