Hello all, I am fairly new here. Just registered but I have been on this site for a couple months.

I am planning an Appalachian Trail Thru hike meaning I'll be hiking the entire 2200 or so miles of trail and would take 4+ months (from Georgia to Maine). Has anyone here completed the whole trail or some of it? If so were you able to stay Primal for the most part? I'm trying to figure out ways to stay primal and carry 4-5+ days worth of "primal" food before having to resupply. What do you all recommend for food bought from grocery stores that will stay good for 4-5 days and keep me well nourished?

They say the average thru hiker burns over 6000 calories a day. I doubt I could afford/carry that many calories a day for 4+ months, maybe 3000 calories a day. Would it be wise to do added upper body exercises like push ups, pull ups, ab workouts or would I be pushing myself way to much and my body eating away more muscle than i would be putting on?

All input will be appreciated! I'm still a Noob to primal lifestyle so my name should be Jedi Padawan Learner Grok...